[ngw] Attachment viewing in message body

Stephen Hesser shesser at arandpartners.com
Fri May 31 20:21:43 UTC 2019

I meant ***Right***
>>> "Stephen Hesser" <shesser at arandpartners.com> 5/31/2019 3:17 PM >>>
One of my users keep left clicking on pdf attachments when he means to
right click to save it then complains about the time it takes to
it in the email ( basically locks the client until displayed). I told
him to either ***left*** click and save it or use file, save as. Was
if there was an option, which I didn't think there was. I even tried
use text only mode and it stills wants to display them. Be nice if
was an option that would just open it automatically wuth the native
when you click it.

Thanks for the reply!

>>> "Ken Etter" <KLE at msktd.com> 5/31/2019 3:08 PM >>>
I'm not aware of a way.  But why are you clicking on the attachment if
you don't want to view it?
>>> "Stephen Hesser" <shesser at arandpartners.com> 5/31/2019 3:21 PM >>>
Currently on gw14.2.2-128161 client. When you click on an attachment
an email the client will attempt to display the contents of that
attachment in the body of the email. With pdf's this can be a pita
depending on the size. Is there a way to turn off showing file content
when clicking on an attachment?

Thanks for any input!

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