[ngw] GroupWise Mobility and iPhones

Stephen Hesser shesser at arandpartners.com
Fri Oct 25 12:58:48 UTC 2019

We ended up purchasing a basic public cert and made sure it conformed to
the requirements put forth in the link below. After applying it to gms,
all was happy. Obviously create it for you machine.domain used. Ours was
mobile.arandpartners.com. We actually created the csr off our edir CA
for use to create the new public cert. I had assistance from support to
get this done. They*re pretty good at it if you don*t know that much
about certificates Like me! 
You can try sending the pem file to the device via an email and install
it as a profile, but that didn*t work either.

>>> "Craig Meads" <craigm at cwise.co.nz> 10/24/2019 10:34 PM >>>
I guess the key question is, what does one do to get around this?
>>> "Stephen Hesser" <shesser at arandpartners.com> 25/10/2019 15:36 >>>
Does it choke on taking the certificate? IOS 13 has certain

>>> "Craig Meads" <craigm at cwise.co.nz> 10/24/2019 9:28 PM >>>
I have a client using Mobility 18 and their Android and iPhones are
working fine. However some recently purchased new iPhones will not
connect, no matter what I do. I have connected an Android device to
same account with no issues.

Anyone experienced this?



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