[ngw] GroupWise Mobility and iPhones

Bob Perez BPerez at microfocus.com
Fri Oct 25 15:55:55 UTC 2019

You should be able to use this TID to import a commercial 3rd party cert into Mobility :


Hope this helps.

Bob Perez

Micro Focus

>>> Ken Etter <KLE at msktd.com> 10/25/2019 6:32 AM >>>
Use a proper certificate.   I have iPhones and iPads that have been upgraded to iOS 13 and ones purchased new.  I'm not having any issues with iOS devices on GMS 18. I purchased a certificate from Digicert years ago and I have renewed it with the proper settings and everything just works.  So don't use a self-signed and make sure you're purchased certificate meets the requirements and all should be good.

>>> "Craig Meads" <craigm at cwise.co.nz> 10/24/2019 11:34 PM >>>
I guess the key question is, what does one do to get around this?
>>> "Stephen Hesser" <shesser at arandpartners.com> 25/10/2019 15:36 >>>
Does it choke on taking the certificate? IOS 13 has certain requirements

>>> "Craig Meads" <craigm at cwise.co.nz> 10/24/2019 9:28 PM >>>
I have a client using Mobility 18 and their Android and iPhones are
working fine. However some recently purchased new iPhones will not
connect, no matter what I do. I have connected an Android device to the
same account with no issues.

Anyone experienced this?



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