[ngw] GroupWise Mobility and iPhones

Ken Etter KLE at msktd.com
Tue Oct 29 14:47:13 UTC 2019

I installed mine manually.  I have a wildcard certificate that I purchased from Digicert.  I've been doing it this way for a while without any issues.  The last time was just earlier this year when I setup a new GMS 18 on SLES 12.  Here are the steps I use:

create CSR
* create a folder to run commands and hold files /root/certs4
* openssl genrsa -des3 -out gms.key 2048
		enter a passphrase
* openssl req -new -key gms.key -out gms.csr
		enter the requested info

upload CSR to digicert (Apache) and then download certs from digicert
* copy DigiCertCA.crt and star_msktd_com.crt to /root/certs4 folder on server

create password less key
* openssl rsa -in gms.key -out gmsnew.key

create gms.pem file using cat command
* cat gmsnew.key star_msktd_com.crt DigiCertCA.crt > gms.pem

install certificate on server
* rename /var/lib/datasync/device/mobility.pem to mobility.pem.bak
* rename /var/lib/datasync/device/mobility.cer to mobility.cer.bak
* rename /var/lib/datasync/webadmin/server.pem to server.pem.bak
* cp gms.pem /var/lib/datasync/device/mobility.pem
* cp gms.pem /var/lib/datasync/webadmin/server.pem

restart services and test
* systemctl restart gms.service
* test cert using DigiCert website

>>> "Craig Meads" <craigm at cwise.co.nz> 10/28/2019 8:09 PM >>>
I would love a copy of your notes if you provide them, as when I look at the TID, I realise there's quite a bit that I don't quite figure.
>>> "Ken Etter" <KLE at msktd.com> 26/10/2019 02:54 >>>
I would assume the cert process is documented somewhere, but if you need some directions, I can get you a copy of my notes.  It is a fairly simple process...only a few steps.

>>> "Craig Meads" <craigm at cwise.co.nz> 10/24/2019 11:34 PM >>>
I guess the key question is, what does one do to get around this?
>>> "Stephen Hesser" <shesser at arandpartners.com> 25/10/2019 15:36 >>>
Does it choke on taking the certificate? IOS 13 has certain requirements

>>> "Craig Meads" <craigm at cwise.co.nz> 10/24/2019 9:28 PM >>>
I have a client using Mobility 18 and their Android and iPhones are
working fine. However some recently purchased new iPhones will not
connect, no matter what I do. I have connected an Android device to the
same account with no issues.

Anyone experienced this?



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