[ngw] IOS 13 issues

Stephen Hesser shesser at arandpartners.com
Thu Oct 31 14:24:15 UTC 2019

Do they show up in there regular client as dup'ed? Or just on the

>>> "Joe Brugaletta" <JBrugaletta at braytonlaw.com> 10/30/2019 4:24 PM
Couple of iphone users also reporting getting duplicate incoming emails
occasionally. Anyone else see this? They're claiming its actually two
separate copies of the email.. they have to delete/deal with both.

>>> "Joe Brugaletta" <JBrugaletta at braytonlaw.com> 10/30/2019 12:44 PM
User reported updating to IOS 13.2 fixed the issue. Thanks!

>>> "Stephen Hesser" <shesser at arandpartners.com> 10/30/2019 12:00 PM
I know, they do say "and many other fixes" if I remember correctly!

>>> "Joe Brugaletta" <JBrugaletta at braytonlaw.com> 10/30/2019 1:53 PM
I will. I did check the 13.2 release notes and no mention of
Forward/.EML fixes, but ya never know.. 

>>> "Ken Etter" <KLE at msktd.com> 10/30/2019 11:51 AM >>>
Apple seems to have put out quite a few updates to iOS 13.  I would
make sure everyone has installed all of those before you start trying
troubleshoot reported problems.  Might save yourself a lot of time.

>>> "Stephen Hesser" <shesser at arandpartners.com> 10/30/2019 2:31 PM
Now I stand corrected! I had updated last night to 13.2, this seems to
be working now. I was unable to save drafts also, this seems to be
working again..... Apple, gotta love'em

>>> "Stephen Hesser" <shesser at arandpartners.com> 10/30/2019 1:21 PM
They come to the user as an attachment in an eml file, which Apple has
no idea how to open.... I've seen this also

>>> "Joe Brugaletta" <JBrugaletta at braytonlaw.com> 10/30/2019 1:15 PM
Thanks Ken,
we're running the same build. I think they're specifically talking
about emails they get that were Forwarded as Attachments. No issues
there either? I'll have to have them show me what its doing then.

>>> "Ken Etter" <KLE at msktd.com> 10/30/2019 11:14 AM >>>
I'm not seeing any issues here with iOS 13.  I am using it myself on
iPad and we have lots of iOS users.  We've never used anything on iOS
except for the native iOS mail client, so I can't speak to other
options.  I am running GMS 18.1.1 Build 483 on SLES 12.
>>> "Joe Brugaletta" <JBrugaletta at braytonlaw.com> 10/30/2019 2:08 PM
Lots of user complaints re: IOS 13. One of them is Forwarded emails
aren't opening. I assume they're using whatever native mail app that
iPhone comes with, but I'm considering telling them to try the Outlook
app. Anyone use that? recommended against GMS?

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