[ngw] Address books not displaying

Joe Brugaletta JBrugaletta at braytonlaw.com
Tue Sep 3 16:36:55 UTC 2019

Maybe: https://community.microfocus.com/t5/GroupWise-User-Discussions/Personal-and-other-customer-address-books-not-showing/td-p/2299237

>>> "Matt Schlawin" <MSchlawin at FVLHS.ORG> 9/3/2019 9:20 AM >>>

I have recently upgraded from GW 14 to GW 18  (18.1.1 Build 133172)  I have one user who cannot open any of his address books except the GroupWise system address book.  He has about two dozen address books and when he clicks on one of them, nothing happens.  If he right clicks a book, he does not get a context menu.  If he searches for a contact, it will find that contact in any of the address books, even though the address book will not display.

Also, everything DOES work just fine if he uses a computer with the 2014 client or if he uses WebAccess.

Anyone know of a fix for this problem?



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