[ngw] Two Annoying Client Issues

Marvin Huffaker mhuffaker at redjuju.com
Thu Aug 13 16:53:55 UTC 2020

The indexing issue can be temporarily solved by following that TID to force it to regenerate, however long term, it doesn't seem to index anything at all on a daily basis.

After recreating the index folder on 4/1, finding stuff was easy and worked great.  4 months later after normal daily use, my find results are non existent and I can't find anything again.  Searches take forever and either never finish or don't show me results. It's pretty much unusable. 

If I close GroupWise client so no activity is taking place, and then go into my index folder, I can see that my index files is dated 4/1 (when I did the initial rename) and there is an incremental file dated June 16. 

What am I missing? I'd expect to see current files if the indexes are actually updating.

Here's a screenshot of the index folder when the client is closed: https://filr.redjuju.com:443/ssf/s/readFile/share/283/-3360669846126417534/publicLink/index1.PNG

When the client is running and I'm doing a find, there are more files and stuff seems to be happening but all files are 0 byte and they all go away when the client gets closed. Here's a screenshot:


>>> "Marvin Huffaker" <mhuffaker at redjuju.com> 4/3/2020 12:27 PM >>>
Thanks Matt.  I'll see if this helps.   I did remove the indexes and started over it seems to be a little more responsive.  I have yet to see how it behaves long term.  I'm wondering if everything was badly damaged over time and it just needed a fresh start.  The indexes (and process) don't seem to be very resilient.

Side note, just doing a gwcheck to the local database didn't resolve it, I've been through that before..  I had to blitz those indexes to make any progress here. 

>>> "Matt Ray" <mray at groupwiseguru.com> 3/31/2020 2:37 PM >>>
If I remember correctly there's a way to manually build the local index.  


I think you can also use gwcheck and point to the local database and work on the indexes that way. 

It's been a minute since I've worked on these issues. 


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>>> "Marvin Huffaker" <mhuffaker at redjuju.com> 3/31/2020 6:06 AM >>>
I have two annoying issues that are beyond belief that dramatically impact productivity and I'm wondering if other people see these as well.   I run in caching mode also so I have the mailbox local on my PC in this scenario, and as people are shifting to remote work from home with the COVID19 thing, I'm seeing this with customers more frequently also.

1) The Filter box -- When you want to filter your mailbox it takes FOREVER to actually find all the results.   It might show one or two items at first and  think it's done, but then will sit there and spin on the "Finding ..."   It might take 3-5 minutes to actually find all results, which is ridiculous when it's a local caching mailbox and there are only a few hundred messages in the folder at all.

2) If you have something in the Filter box, then go change folders without clearing the filter, the GroupWise client will hang for-fricken-ever..  Sometimes it eventually comes out of it and sometimes I have to just kill the client and start over so I can move on with my life. 

I know it's not my caching box because I've run gwchecks on it, I've rebuilt it from scratch, it happens on multiple PC's, and I'm not seeing these on customer / end user systems as well.  This has been an issue for a while with the 18.x client and has not improved with 18.2.

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