[ngw] Time Zone on Workstation / Client Behavior

Marvin Huffaker mhuffaker at redjuju.com
Tue Dec 29 06:19:43 UTC 2020

I'm wondering if this is something new or if GroupWise has always done this and I just didn't notice. If it's new, when did it get introduced?

Regardless of the Post Office Time Zone setting, the GroupWise client seems to display Timestamps on messages set to the local time zone of the workstation.

For example.

I have my laptop set to Arizona Time. A message in my client shows received at 2:34pm.  I close GroupWise, change time zone to say Atlantic Time zone.. Now after opening GroupWise Client again the same message shows 5:34pm. 

I'm traveling more these days and I have never really had a reason to notice this before, if it happened at all. I also have a system I remote into in Arizona that's always set to Arizona, so I started noticing that if I am in some other location, the message timestamps were different.  Currently running the 18.3 client but noticed on 18.2 as well. 

I had a customer ask me about this today when they noticed what I believe to be the same behavior, so I'm trying to formulate an accurate response.


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