[ngw] GW Web users needed to test GW Mailbox iOS app

Daniel Shelley daniel at ghostpattern.com
Sat May 9 22:01:07 UTC 2020

Hello everyone,

I've put a lot of work into my iOS app to get it to work with the new
GroupWise GW Web interface instead of the older GroupWise WebAccess. Large
chunks of my app (the interesting parts) had to be completely rewritten in
order to make it work with GW Web. The first app update that includes
support for GW Web is available as of today.

Now I need more people to test it. Anyone want to help? Download the app
from the App Store and give it a try. Please email any feedback or bugs to
me at support at ghostpattern.com, preferably using the support link in the

I would be happy to make the app free for you for a month if you will give
it a try, send me feedback, etc. All you have to do is email me directly
with your GW Web URL and username and I can unlock it for you. Start the
free trial/get it setup on your iPhone/iPad first.


Daniel Shelley
Ghost Pattern Software
iPhone and Android apps for GroupWise

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