[ngw] GWIA route configuration file

Maik Schuetze Maik.Schuetze at stadt-chemnitz.de
Mon May 11 08:17:31 UTC 2020

Hi everyone,

for testing purpose of our new SMG, I like to redirect the outgoing
smtp traffic of single mailboxes through the new SMG. I read something
about the 'route.cfg' for GWIA.
I created a blank file route.cfg with a single line in it, according to

testmailbox at ourdomain.tld [ip from smg] (hard return after that)

But that doesn't work. The mailtraffic would still be redirected to the
default relay host of the GWIA. 
Is that even possible for a single mailbox?

Best regards
Maik Schütze

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