[ngw] GW 18 Mobility, IOS13 and printing

Craig Meads craigm at cwise.co.nz
Thu Oct 29 03:09:53 UTC 2020

Thanks Marvin

I thought I'd do a test using InstantSSL for starters before committing $$ to the equation.

We have a Server with GroupWise and Webaccess on it. Webaccess under GW18 is using Port 443. It's FQDN as reported by SLES (OES2018) is server.cwise

We have a Mobility Server and it is using SSL Port 447 for the Devices because 443 is in use on the subnet for Webaccess. It's FQDN as reported by SLES12 SP5 is mobility.cwise

We are just using a static ip, although we do have an A-record vo.cwise.co.nz on our Domain redirecting to our static ip.

So on an Android device or a pre IOS13 device a user connects to <static ip>:447 for Mobility, or can use Webaccess with https://<static ip>/gw/webacc

With generating a CSR, I am confused about entering the line "Common Name"   I have tried mobility.server, vo.cwise.co.nz, server.cwise and with these,  InstantSSL error-ed out. I tried cwise.co.nz and it accepted it.

I went through the procedure of installing the certificate, but in the iPhone I still get the untrusted message on the certificate. The details of the certificate show it is the one from InstantSSL however. Does that imply that Apple do not like InstantSSL, or have I done something wrong in the setup, or configuration.

I have put GW Web on the client's Mobility Server and that is working fine, but I do wish to resolve this IOS issue, because it's not going to go away, and existing iPhones will be up for replacement, and not everyone will dump them in favour of Android.



>>> "Marvin Huffaker" <mhuffaker at redjuju.com> 27/10/2020 15:42 >>>
You can use Letsencrypt to obtain a free cert and install on GMS.  To be honest, it's a hassle because you have to renew it every 90 days and then copy it into the gms .pem files.   I prefer to just suck it up and use a purchased 3rd party cert that I can install and forget about.   If you use a wildcard cert it's more flexible and can be used for multiple systems at your company.
>>> "Craig Meads" <craigm at cwise.co.nz> 10/26/2020 8:21 PM >>>
GW Mobility

Over the weekend I upgraded a small user to OES2018 and GW18.2. I also installed GW Mobilty 18.2 on SLES 12SP5 to a spare i5 unit hehad. He only has about 10 users, of which two have the latest iPhones with IOS 13.7 on them.

Mobility is working fine with their Android Devices such as the Samsung S10.

With the Apple devices I am aware that there are certificate issues. Is GW Mobility capable of generating a certificate that can be used? I have seen Dsapp, but I believe it has been obsoleted, but I did try it, but without success. I may have done something wrong, however. I generated a key called mobility.cer but on the device (my android as a test unit) it said it needed a private key, but would not give me the option to enter one. The message would flash up then disappear.

Is there a better solution than mucking around with third party certificates for only two users? And if we have to purchase third party certificates, how do we incorporate them into GW Mobility? And then down to the devices?


The client had been on GW18.0. They would receive orders containing XML files, and they would print them out. The font was quite large and readable. In the GW18.2 client, when repeating the same process, the font is small and contains header lines. Adjusting the "Print Options" in the dialog box does not seem to have any effect, except to make things smaller if we choose a larger font size. I have put them back to 18.0 in the meantime, and that is a workaround. However I will need to come up with a proper solution. Any ideas?

As an aside, the client was coming up from SLES11/OES2015SP1 and is the fourth upgrade out of five where the upgrade fails on updating then bringing up the eDirectory. I had to nuke, and then restore files.

Many thanks

Craig Meads

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