[ngw] [External] Antw: Power outage - dms databases corrupt?

Joe Brugaletta JBrugaletta at braytonlaw.com
Wed Aug 4 21:22:54 UTC 2021

Ended up restoring all of the databases from just prior to the outage..
Thankfully it was only two libraries and seemed to go smoothly (as

>>> "Thomas Stimper" <tstimper at nmedv.de> 8/4/2021 12:12 AM >>>
just a thought:

(first make a backup ...)

If you are able to power up  a test server in a separate lab
enviroment, not conneted to the production network,
than you could test acces to DMS with the vesion from the last backup.
If ther where not any changes in dms, berhaps becaus ist is only used
as archive from the past ud dms usage, 
then you could copy the dms databases and the docs folder to the
procuction system and then reindex.

otherwise -> standalone gwcheck 

>I can see (if I'm quick enough) which DB gw check is choking on when
it hits it.. I.e. dmdd0312.db .. 
You could try to only repleace this db from backup, try to acces,
compare / rsync docs folder , reindex

Depending on the pressuere i would first try it in he lab.


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>>> "Joe Brugaletta" <JBrugaletta at braytonlaw.com> 04.08.2021 01:49 >>>
Users are reporting "F046 Unavailable" messages appearing in Find
window when searching DMS libraries.. They are getting some results,
definitely not all. If I run a gwcheck against the library db's,
crashes (can't say ive seen this before.. Uh oh)...
Yesterday we had a power outage and believe this has something to do
with it. 
I can see (if I'm quick enough) which DB gw check is choking on when
hits it.. I.e. dmdd0312.db .. 
If I run a gwcheck against the library (structure only).. It'll make
its way to the bad db and error out..
If I run a gwcheck against the database file it errors out on, it runs
for a bit then chokes. Seems somewhere near the end. 

What do you think next steps are? (I opened a case, but no response

I'm reluctant to restore the db from just prior to the power outage
until last resort. I don't even know what kind of ramifications that
might have.. I can't imagine there are "new" docs stored in those DB's
if they are screwed up. 

Any ideas? 

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