[ngw] GW Web 18.3.2

Paul Grzesina Paul.Grzesina at uregina.ca
Tue Aug 24 23:18:57 UTC 2021

We recently switched from the old web access to the new GW Web. For those who haven't yet made the switch the following are a list of things that our users noticed/complained about. Some of them might have solutions that I don't know, some are probably bugs, and some of the issues might be present in the old version as well.

* There is no way to add or edit contacts.

* The calendar currently does not show category colors.
* Multiple day events are only displayed on the first day.
* Busy search, while present, has been confusing for our users. (Click the blue check is fine, but apparently clicking the red X to look for a time slot that works is hard to figure out.)
* The calendar does not refresh automatically.
* Creating a personal calendar entry is obscure. (Compose a calendar entry and then click the person icon is a lot more obtuse than dragging a range in the calendar.)
* There's no ability to drag a personal calendar entry to a new time.
* Changing the time of a non-personal appointment requires deleting it and creating a new one.
* There's no multi-user calendar display. (I'm sure that's not present in the old one either.)

* There's no spell checker and the browser based spell checkers (Chrome and Firefox at least) do not appear to be operable while composing a message.
* There's no print option.
* There's no resend option.
* There's no ability to retract a message.
* The current quota usage is not displayed.
* There's no change to option. (I don't think that's in the old one.)
* The number of unread messages is not displayed in the folder list.
* If you click reply or reply all on a message, the CC and BCC options are not visible unless you click the recipient first.
* If you turn off the preview pane, there's no way to resize the columns or sort by the other columns.
* Messages opened as windows cannot be moved or resized.
* When a message is open in a window, there are no controls in the window to reply/forwrad/delete the message.
* The advanced find features are not present.
* If you do a find and then delete a message from find, you return to the full message list not the found message list.
* Any message filter in the sent items folder will return an empty list. (This happens in the old version as well.)
* When in composing a message/appointment, if you right click in the message body, the menu that appears only lists Link. The standard editing tools (paste in particular) are not available. (Control-right click works around that.)

* There does not appear to be a way to select multiple messages on a mobile device.
* In portrait mode, while looking a message the ... extended menu is not present. There is an option to move a message, but not to mark it as unread or private.
* In the message list, press and hold to get the context menu works on Android but not iOS. (I'm not an iOS person, so I may not know the work around but I haven't found an alternative.)

Mac Mail
* If you send an HTML message from GW Web that contains an inline image, only the image is visible if the message is read on Mac Mail. It shows up as expected elsewhere.


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