[ngw] GW Mobility 18.3.2

Craig Meads craigm at cwise.co.nz
Wed Dec 8 02:25:53 UTC 2021

I have an interesting problem at a client's premises.

The user had a corruption in the GroupWise email that could not be resolved. eg; KylieL 

Kylie also had also been added as a User in GW Mobility.

Kylie's GroupWise name was changed to KylieLOld2021 and a new KylieL was setup. Emails she wanted were share from the Old account to the new and then copied into her folders, and the Share disabled. 

The email works fine.

IN the Mobility system KylieL was now showing as "Failed" so I deleted it, restarted the service and tried to add KylieL back in. It flashed up "Configuring" fr a couple of seconds, and the line disappeared.

If I restart the service, it shows KylieL deleting and then it disappears again.

Because there were not many users, I uninstalled GW Mobility using the /var/lib/datasync/uninstall.sh, restarted the Server, then re-installed GW Mobility, but the result is the same.

In the old DSAPP, there used to be all sorts of clean-up and vacuum tools, but in SLES15 there does not appear to by anything that takes the place of what DSAPP did, and I can find no documentation.

I suspect GW Mobility is still hunting the old KylieL instead of the three digit GW User code.

Does anyone know a possible solution? (Am trying to avoid raising a ticket because of the time zone difference)



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