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Rather than converting those address books, can they right click on each one and select Export and then save it as a .csv file?  Then they should be able to import that .csv file into Exchange.


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I have a client who stubbornly never upgraded their GroupWise.  They are on version 7.03.  It has worked great for years, but their server is ancient and there are only two members of the firm left so it doesn’t seem to make sense to move them to a new server.  They now have Exchange in the Cloud and I have been able to successfully convert their e-mail to Outlook using Transend for one of the users and Stellar for the other.  I’m still not sure why Transend didn’t work for the one user.  While Stellar worked for my troublesome user and showed 4 address books for him, my other user’s address books somehow were visible in Stellar and were able to be converted.  However, my other user has something like 15 custom address books in GroupWise and only the GroupWise system address book and Frequent Contacts were visible.  The other address books are only visible in the address book tab and not in the folder list.  For the other user, the four address books were listed under Contacts in the folder list.  I’m looking for a  way to convert these address books without having to export to Excel – unless someone out there has a conversion template to easily move it from an Excel file into Outlook.

Transend won’t work because it uses the GW 2014 WebAccess to convert address books – so not able to do this with the version we have.

I’m hoping someone out there has an idea about how to export these address books without going through huge headaches.  Some of the address books have hundreds of addresses in them and some have subgroups, so it will be far better for the client if we can somehow convert them rather than re-create them.

Thanks in advance.  I hope someone has an answer.


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