[ngw] Firefox 92 and GW Admin

Craig Meads craigm at cwise.co.nz
Thu Sep 16 03:50:14 UTC 2021

I see there is now a TID for this


I have tried the workaround on Firefox and Chrome and it worked. I note it is under investigation.

Environment GroupWise 18
When attempting to access GWAdmin via Chrome, Edge or Firefox a dialog is presented prompting you to 'Select a certificate'.  If you click OK you will see the following:
The connection for this site is not secure

This site can't provide a secure connection

Secure Connection Failed

Resolution When presented with the option to 'Select a certificate', click the Cancel option which should then present the 'Administration GroupWise 18' login screen.
Cause This is issue is under investigation.
Additional Information The Chrome and Edge browsers allow you to reload the page and you will be prompted again to 'Select a certificate' at which point you can select 'Cancel' in order to access the GWAdmin login page.  In Firefox, if you selected OK, by default this decision will be 'remembered' and you will continue to see the 'Secure Connection Failed' message on subsequent attempts to access GWAdmin.  To resolve this in Firefox, while still showing the 'Secure Connection Failed', click on the 'circle i' to the left of the URL and choose the option to 'Clear cookies and site data...' and select Remove when prompted.  Reload the page, verify 'Remember this decision' is checked and select 'Cancel'. 

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