[ngw] GroupWise Client 18.4.2 freezing because of wrong POA JQUERY-3.5.1.MIN.JS call

Marvin Huffaker mhuffaker at redjuju.com
Fri Feb 17 22:14:57 UTC 2023

What you're saying is that the POA is calling via an UPPERCASE formatted
filename but the actual file on disk is in lowercase, correct?

Off hand I don't see any of those query errors but I can confirm the
file that exists is in lowercase.

>>> "Thomas Stimper" <tstimper at nmedv.de> 2/17/2023 1:34 PM >>>
Hi GroupWise Admins,

this is a copy of 


if you are running GroupWise 18.4.2 POA (or older) and using GroupWise
18.4.x Client and you see client freezes and crashes,

you should check your POA log for the entry 8AD4 Path not found

The POA is calling the file

But this file  JQUERY-3.5.1.MIN.JS does not exist, even in older
GroupWise versions.

But in the folder /opt/novell/groupwise/agents/data/client/views/win/
there is a file jquery-3.6.0.min.js

I got the hint from a customer (not sure if i may mention him here) to
try a workarround:

cd /opt/novell/groupwise/agents/data/client/views/win/

ln -s jquery-3.6.0.min.js JQUERY-3.5.1.MIN.JS

The error is gone for him and me, search is faster, GroupWise client
not crashing during search anymore.

I reported this to support, waiting for the bug number and a fix.

It also looks like the error only occurrd while using the GroupWise
search, the magnifier, not when iusing the upper left seach field.

Cann anybody test in his system and report bacK?

And open an addtitional  support case to get development to fix this?



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